Added Exceptions not rendering ads


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I've been using Adguard happily for over a year. I recently began adding exceptions for certain select news sites that rely on ads for their upkeep. The ads render occasionally but it's very hit and miss. Sometimes you just get a blank white banner, other times you get, say, an adsense placeholder but with no ad inside, and occasionally the full ad.

I originally thought it was an https issue - but unchecking the https filtering flag doesn't help.

What's really surprising is these are well-known everyday sites like the Guardian, Washington Post etc. which makes me think the problem may be with my local setup - I use Avira anti-virus for example, is there a known clash with Adguard?

I used the Adguard assistant to add the usual exception format:


and played around with variants like:


...all to no avail.

Seems like the kind of issue someone would have already come across and resolved.
Any help much appreciated.

Using Opera 43.0, but the same problem occurs in Chrome, Edge, Firefox....


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Which Adguard version are you running exactly? What is the filter log displaying?


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Adguard 6.1.314.1628.

The filter log indicates the '@@||$document' rule appears to be letting through various requests (image, javascript): imrworldwide, adsafeprotected, doubleclick amongst others.

But the rendering of the ads themselves is still hit and miss - many empty placeholders, one, or occasionally two full ads.....


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I am pretty sure that the root cause is that the ads on theguardian is shown in the nested frames.

Here's how it looks like:
1. Doubliclick's script renders and "iframe" (effectively, this is a nested page).
2. Adguard allows it as you have an exception for
3. Inside of that frame it tries to load ads further, and this time AG blocks it as it does not know, that frame is located on

Digging further, the frame address is "", and AG applies cosmetic filters to it.
So that's what happens, ads are actually allowed, but they are hidden inside of the nested frame.

Actually, we should and have to fix this behavior: