Adding Cloudflare or Quad9 DNScrypt servers

Aaron Adams

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I'd like to add either Cloudflare or Quad9 DNS encrypted servers as a custom DNS setting. The dialog to add a new server asks for a provider public key, and I'm not able to find any kind of public key for either Cloudflare or Quad9. Has anyone added these before? Or can someone from AdGuard provide direction here?

AdGuard Pro > DNS Settings > Add Custom...


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@Aaron Adams


To get information about Publick Key you can ask the QUAD9 support here.

Also, here is the list of DNScrypt servers.

Please note, that AdGuard works only with V1 dnscrypt, QUAD9 and CLOUDFLARE as I can see are v2.
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but I just went through the long list of encrypted servers available, on the iOS app, and do not see either Quad9 or Cloudflare in the list of available encrypted servers. am I missing something?