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Hi there,
does someone know how to add SteamOverlay to AdGuard? I am currently checking out AdGuard and it is really nice. Finally something that makes Edge usable. If I could now block ad's in Steam as well, that would be great. I tried to add some exe files from Steam but that didn't work. In case someone doesn't know what the SteamOverlay is. It's a simple browser that can be used while playing videogames. It looks like this:
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This could be complicated.

As I understand Steam overlay is not some external process. It is ran as a part of the game process itself, so to filter it you may need to add "exe" file of that game you play.

But it's hard to say how it could influence the game. If it is a single player then it's likely to be ok. But I have no idea how it will be for multiplayer.

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Probably not a good idea, as it *could* potentially trip the Valve Anti-Cheat DRM.


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If you want to filter the Steam web browser all you need is to add steamwebhelper.exe which is located in:

steamwebhelper is a webkit based browser for Steam and is strictly used for websites not for any gaming related information.
The Steam Client Bootstrapper (steam.exe) is responsible for gaming related stuff, IE p2p games, steam cloud, steamworks etc.

For each web browser/tab you have opened via steam will run a separate steamwebhelper.exe process, much like how chrome does.
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