Adguard 4.0 Nightly 24 - Adguard VPN enabled - Google Play Store "Offline"


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I didn't notice it right away, but my Samsung S20 Ultra wasn't updating apps after the AdGuard 4.0 Nightly 24 update.

I went into Google Play Store to install an app, and it insisted I was offline - double checked Data/Wifi and then other apps, and everything else works.

From Windows, looking at the last connection history showing in Google Play Store for my phone, it looked like about the time I allowed the last AdGuard app update.

I tried turning off Adguard Protection in the App and that didn't work. I needed to disable the Adguard VPN settings and reboot before Google Play Store would connect Online and Install/Update apps.

Turning on Adguard VPN again I needed to reboot for Adguard Protection to be successfully enabled in the Adguard app.

First time this has happened. I'll run AdGuard 4.0 Nightly 24 without Google Play Store until the next Nightly Update. :)

S20 Ultra OS Details: Android 11, One UI 3.1, Google Play System Update June 1, 2021, Kernel 4.19.113-22299651, Sec Enh SEPF-SM-G988U_11_0010 Tue August 03 15:36:33 2021

Is there a "Nightly" thread, or is the Beta Versions the right place to post this?