Adguard 4 : Is it planned fixing slow Wifi speed on newer Samsung phones android 11 ?


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Posted on reddit but maybe it'll get more visibility here.

I switched from a Huawei which has no problems with Adguard to a new Samsung phone and then all speed tests are -50 to -80% Wifi dl speed with Adguard on. It's obviously not always visible as i have fiber but pretty annoying nonetheless.

Adguard local VPN is definitely the culprit with what things i tried :
  • disabling DNS
  • disabling https filtering
  • disabling extra
  • changing mtu from 9000 to 1500
  • resintalling
  • nightly v4 build
  • whitelisting speedtests apps : no slowdown
  • Huawei android 11 : no slowdown
  • using Blockada local VPN : no slowdown
I've seen unresolved posts about it while searching, and i much prefer using Adguard for cosmetics and options than Blockada...
didn't find on github any open issues expect very old ones, not sure if it's a unknown issue or if it's in the work.

Any infos is appreciated, i'll open a ticket if it's needed to give logs etc...


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I've noticed no such issue with AdGuard (Beta) on my S21 Ultra. Ive got a 1GB Fibre connection and a WiFi 6 WLAN.


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I have same issue on Oppo A52 phone over Wi-Fi 5.

Speedtest resutls are ~250Mbps with AdGuard disabled and ~75Mbps with AdGuard enabled.


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Samsung S21+, slowdown via WiFi and data connection.

Edit: Just tested a 10GB file download in firefox. Whit adguard on it was ~10 MB/s download and whit Adguard of i was getting a download over the 70MB/s, so it is not only speedtest related. Looks like if https filtering is on, the speed drops.
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I recieved an email from support, that sins update 3.6.6 the speed must be much better.

I can confirm that my download speeds on Samsung S21+ is amazing again. So thank you, support.