AdGuard 5.2 release


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Dear Adguard Users!

We are glad to announce the release of Adguard 5.2 (exact version is!

Some words about new features. First and the most important is:
This is the first Adguard's version with normal multi-language support.

We had two different versions before (one with russian and one with english language).
It was really a bad decision, so russian version has been updated frequently while english version stuck on 4.2.2.
Adguard 5.2 release should fix this once and forever.

Since this is first Adguard 5 release for english-speaking users, change log contains
all features since 5.0.

Change log:

Version 5.0
An absolutely new version of Adguard!


  • A completely redesigned program interface
  • Added a new operation mode - "Economy"
  • Added new experimental protection methods
  • Improved the browser module of the program ("Adguard Assistant")
  • Added a Statistics module with rich graphic reports
  • New metrics in the statistics module (processed and saved traffic, phishing sites)
  • Dramatically improved the efficiency of the traffic filtration module
  • Added a possibility to use a basic or an extended interface (for advanced users)
  • Added a possibility to work with a proxy server requiring authorization
  • Added a possibility to switch the program to the HTTP proxy mode
  • Program settings are now more flexible and intuitive


  • Fixed all critical bugs found in version 4 of the program.

Version 5.1

  • Added a help file to the standard program package


  • Considerably improved the filtration speed in Google Chrome
  • Fixed the incompatibility with .NET Framework 4.5 Developer Preview
  • Fixed a bug with FTP requests when a proxy server was used

Version 5.2

  • A completely reworked user interface with multilingual support
  • Added an experimental filter based on Collective Intelligence, a system that continuously collects and analyzes submissions from the community of Adguard users around the world
  • Now supports even more browsers: Palemoon, Nichrome, Yandex.Internet
  • Added ability to save user settings on uninstall
  • Added German filter
  • Added Windows 8 support
  • Ad Blocker and Browsing Security modules now keep their states between restarts
  • Users are now able to report false positive alarms in support section
  • The official site has moved to

  • Improved the filtration speed
  • Fixed critical flaws of the previous version
  • Fixed compatibility problems with third parties software
  • Fixed behavior of the “Skip” button in the messages about the new versions
  • Fixed encoding errors on some websites
  • Fixed positioning problems for the cases when system’s font is increased
  • Minor bug fixes

P.S. We would also like to take this opportunity to Thank our beta testers. They have been of a great help in guiding us to this release!

Adguard Team