AdGuard 5.3 release


Staff member
Good day!

While we are working on 5.5 version of Adguard, we still trim and keep old trunk of the program updated.
And now is a moment when an amount of changes exceed a critical limit and time to release a new version has come.

We proudly present version 5.3.343.2100:


+ Automatic detection of the suitable filters
+ Japanese language and filter
+ German language and filter
+ Spanish language and filter
+ Portuguese language and filter
+ Dutch filter
+ Serbian language


* Problem with very slow first request (just after Adguard has been started)
* Increased filtration speed
* Minor bug fixes

P.S. There is no need in updating for beta-testers as there are only insignificant changes in comparison with release candidate. There has been made only a few corrections in serbian translation.