AdGuard 5.6 release

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Good day!

We are finally ready to present a new version of Adguard -- version 5.6.

This version includes a lot of very important changes and improvements.
Greatest features planned for the next releases could not be added without version 5.6 changes.

Let's talk about the most important changes of this release.

Completely new Adguard Assistant module

We have done a lot of work on our browser module.
It now has new modern design and some new features.


One more important feature -- Adguard is now integrated with Web of Trust (
So now Adguard shows web site repuation. You can check out the current web site reputation
by looking at Adguard Assistant icon in the corner of the page.

Adguard is divided into windows-service and GUI-client

We think this is the most important change of this release. We had a lot problems because Adguard has been working under current user account.
It was limiting our abilities in traffic filtration. For example it was the main thing that stopped us from doing HTTPS-filtration.

Release notes

+ Completely new Adguard Assistant module
+ Automatic program updates
+ Adguard is divided into windows-service and GUI-client
+ Web Of Trust integration – know which websites to trust
+ Improved browsing security module
+ New filtration module for Windows 8 Modern UI applications
- Some websites rendering problems
- Slow browsing security module updates

Also we want to thank our beta-testers for helping with this release!

Adguard Team
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Boo Berry

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Nice! The issues I noticed with Internet Explorer filtering sometimes not working seems to have completely gone away - I can't even make filtering fail in IE anymore!

Can't wait for HTTPS filtering! :D
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