AdGuard 5.7 release

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    Oct 26, 2010
    Good day everyone!

    Adguard 5.7 version is finally ready to release.

    Adguard 5.7 provides the following new features:

    + A more perfect way for filtration with a new network driver

    Adguard now uses a network driver instead of an old filtering module.
    This helped us greatly with fixing all existing compatibility issues with other software products.
    In addition, it accelerates filtration and allows Adguard to filter secure connections.

    + The following compatibility issues have been fixed in Adguard 5.7:
    Internet Download Manager (video downloading issues)
    DrWeb (proper filtration was dependent on the installation order)
    Panda Antivirus (filtration was not possible)

    + Added support for secure connections filtration (https connections)
    Now Adguard can filter secured connections if you enable it in the network settings.

    + Added first run wizard

    What has been improved or fixed in version 5.7:

    * Fixed "Connection error" that occurred if the Adguard windows service started too slow
    * Fixed Google Chrome filtration issues
    * Fixed some Adguard Assistant issues
    * GUI performance and responsiveness to user actions have been improved
    * Fixed icon for Pale Moon in the browsers settings

    New network filtration module was not simple to develop.
    We faced with many challenges, and I doubt we could finish this work without the help from our beta-testers.
    Dear beta-testers, thank you very much for all you work!

    Adguard Team