AdGuard Beta cannot install


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I'm not able to update (from current v5.10.2051.6368) or to to a clean install of AdGuard Beta with full offline setup.

File: Beta Setup.exe
CRC-32: 40627ad6
MD4: 74d5f74e32342a97f5f525a07cb4e9f6
MD5: 60df5a9c4cf44682e089b3ec93b17513
SHA-1: bcc6c38c9194e4ced018cf70aca3c7aa5eda4023

If I try to update, I've got an error (could not open key: UNKNOWN\Components\... Verify that you have sufficient access...).

If I try to run full setup exe : the old version v5.x is reinstalled not the v6 !?


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Ticket: #PHU-469-68976
Created: 24 September 2015 06:10 PM
Hello! One of our developers had a look on the logs. According to them, Adguard 5 wasn't uninstalled completely; also, looks like you don't have sufficient rights to delete register branch @buuuu was talking about. Maybe it would be best if we connect to you via TeamViewer and solve the problem remotely. In that case please PM me here on forum.


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I had this error on dad's ancient PC (AMD Duron, Nvidia Riva TNT2 32MB, 786MB RAM and 16GB IDE disk drive :D ). I could not upgrade Adguard 5.x to any newer version. Then uninstalled manually and failed to install it again. I ended up installing Adguard extension - just didn't want to waste my time on this.

You can try permissions trick again using PSTools:
psexec.exe  -s -i -d regedit
If permissions are broken on many keys, it may take a while. Also can't recommend setting permissions for all */Components/* keys at once. Anyway check how permissions look for those keys which are not broken.
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i tried pstools but it doesn't do anything
i changed permissions, it does not help
now when i try to install it says this is already installed but all is cleaned already manually...

i dont want to allow remote control with TeamViewer sorry.

it seems to be a bug if AdGuard cannot uninstall completely without the help of enduser and if install setup is not able to do the job alone...
i never had any similar issue with another software!


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Try Revo uninstaller, I understand your situation not wanting to revert to 3rd party uninstallers but it works great. You can also try Geek Uninstaller which works good as well and is free!

Hope that helps,


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WOW very first time I ever heard REVO Uninstaller failed, it has NEVER failed me on some very difficult uninstalls ever! Learned something new tonight!


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I had this problem recently when I had AdGuard installed on Windows 10 Build 10547, updated to Windows 10 Build 10565 and uninstalled it during the course of troubleshooting my security suite, and then reverted back to 10547. Windows thought AdGuard was installed, but it really wasn't.

My solution was to load up RegEdit and I deleted every key in the registry that contained AdGuard & if the 'node' only had AdGuard related stuff in it, I deleted the entire 'node' from the 'tree' on the left. I then rebooted and was able to install AdGuard without issue. Be extra careful if you attempt this. If you delete the wrong thing in the registry you may break functionality in Windows or Windows may not boot. There is exactly no amount of exaggeration in this warning.

Pay extra-close attention to what you're deleting and you'll be fine. Don't pay attention & you may be spending the rest of the day re-formatting your hard drive, re-installing Windows, and all your programs.