AdGuard 6 freezes Chrome in Sandboxie


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So Adguard 5 was fine and no issues with Chrome in Sandboxie and Adguard 6 randomly freezes my Chrome and I can't kill chrome. I have to restart. I have killed all addons in Chrome and the only thing that's left over is Adguard so that's how I know it was due to AdGuard.
I can't replicate it, it happens on random on some sites but not every time. For example it happened 5 times while visiting malwaretips site.
Windows 10 x64bit
Emisisoft Internet Security
Sandboxie (latest)


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This is happening to me with AdGuard and I'd put the latest version of Chrome; I am running Sophos Antivirus 10.3 and Windows Version 1511 (OS Build 10586.104), i.e. Windows Home, not enabled for development/beta.


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One more test build.

I really hope this build will change the situation.

We have improved "keep-alive" connections handling.

Also WFP driver was updated in order to fix the issue with TP-Link router:

That router issue in fact was about an important bug with handling TCP connections closing, so fixing it could also help.

New build:
Is this new WFP driver supposed to resolve HTTPS website problems with Eset SSL scanning enabled? I still get that error, but I tried using build