Adguard 7.2 conflicting with Emsisoft Surf Protect.


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Windows 10 Pro 1903, When I updated Adguard to 7.2 it would not block anything
Ads,Banners,Pop Ups, nothing !, and it's scary to see how many ads etc there are on
movie streaming sites,.
So after looking at things,I found that if I disabled Surf Protect in Emsisoft,Adguard
would block everything as before, there was no problem with 7.1 and Emsisoft,so
it looks like Adguard changed something in 7.2 that has caused the problem

Anyone else having this problem ?, would like to revert back to Adguard 7.1 until
they solve the problem,where can I download 7.1 ? thanks regards Worgeordie


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Same here. I use EAM on Windows 8.1. Found that option "Intercept TCP connection request", under advance settings, is causing trouble.
Just uncheck it and no need to disable Surf protection.