AdGuard AdBlocker, AdGuard Browser Assistant & AdGuard for Windows


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The claim is "AdGuard ad blocker effectively blocks all types of ads on all web pages, even on Facebook, YouTube, and others!" Why do I still have ads on youtube when I watch some videos? I'm not using facebook much so I don't know on that though. Please help. I also have the AdGuard for Windows and the AdGuard Browser Assistant (if the bold letters appears on my comment I apologize to the readers' eyes hehe I just copied the name from the list of my extensions on Firefox) Anyways, All three are turned on.


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YouTube is constantly working on ads and anytime they implement a new method or technique it can render ad blockers ineffective. That's why there is a system to report missed ads. YouTube just changed the ads system and AdGuard has the fix in the "expermental filters" list that you can enable. YouTube also lets uploaders put ads in there videos as well that are "sponsored". LinusTech and others have several on every video and AdGuard cannot filter out ads in videos. AdGuard Assistant is all the browser needs when using AdGuard Windows. Using AdGuard AdBlocker extension is not necessary and will detect AdGuard Windows and change to function as AdGuard Assistant. You basically have 2 Assistants installed.

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Eventually, ad blockers won't work on YouTube at all anymore and the only way to remove YouTube ads is to get a YouTube Premium subscription. Google is moving in that direction.

P.S. If you're using the AdGuard Adblocker browser extension while using AdGuard for Windows, you're causing a potential conflict since if you're running AdGuard for Windows, you don't need the AdGuard Adblocker browser extension. You can remove it from your web browser(s).