Adguard affects the polling rate of my Razer Mouse


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I have only tried this when Windows color theme is set to Dark Mode. The Windows UI is set to 150% because I'm using a 32-inch 4K monitor. My monitor is calibrated with the SpyderX software.

When opening Adguard, I noticed the polling rate lower drastically. This is most noticeable when updating the filters by clicking on the refresh circle in the top right of the Adguard app. What I mean by "Polling Rate" is, for example: When the app is closed, my mouse moved buttery smooth across the screen. When I open the app, it will get jittery when moving the mouse across the screen. Everything goes back to normal when I close the Adguard app by click the X on the top right.

Update 06/06/2021:
I'm also noticing the same issue with Razer Synapse software. It doesn't happen on the dashboard page; it happens when in the about menu and the check for updates menu.

Is this a design language flaw? If so, then is it Microsoft's fault?
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