AdGuard after last update dose not work


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before last update application works fine

after the update, the application doesn't run anymore

my PC specifications

I tried more than 10 times to uninstall and reinstall again but AdGuard doesn't work anymore
I used the formal link to download the application from AdGuard site

I don't know why its empty, no files on C:\Program Files (x86)\Adguard

NOTE: I use Bitdefender Internet Security on my laptop
and i send 2 messages to I don't get a response

can u help me to solve this issue, please


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Please upload photos to or similar web site.
What is not running? What is not working? What is the problem? Mail in Outlook? Mail online?
Use your web mail interface and try and send an email to Adguard again. Does it work?

1. Disable Bitdefender Web Filtering + Web Protection.
2. Disable Adguard protection?

3. Remove the Adguard Certificate in your browser.
4a. Re-install the certificate (Settings > Network > Reinstall Certificate).
4b. Browser for .CER certificate file and install into other browsers (Yandex, Firefox, Chrome, etc...) if not already installed after above step (Browse > "C:\ProgramData\Adguard\NetworkTemp\SSL\Adguard Personal CA.cer").

5.Try installing a different/better/portable browser: Yandex Browser, Firefox Portable, etc. Manually browse for the CRT file and install.

6. Export your settings (Settings > General > Export)
Save your User Filter configuration (Settings > Ad Blocker > Open Filter Editor > Pencil (Edit) > Copy & Paste to text file).
Save your Parental black / white list.

7. Close any apps you do not wish to unfiltered internet access
Uninstall Adguard. Reboot.

8. Delete each Certificate in web browsers
Delete: C:\ProgramData\Adguard\
Delete: C:\Program Files (x86)\Adguard\
Delete: C:\Users\__You__\AppData\Roaming\Adguard Software Ltd
Delete: C:\Users\Account\AppData\Roaming\Performix LLC
Delete: C:\Users\Account\AppData\Local\Adguard_Software_Ltd

Install Adguard 6.4 again.

Try the other browsers and portable browsers mentioned above! Yandex Browser and Firefox Portable and Opera Portabe, etc... Plenty to try!
Try installing Adguard to a custom directory (worked for me with 6.3, i've installed to \AdGuard6\).

Hi guys! :D FYI You still have not implemented an IMPORT and EXPORT feature on ALL configuration or app settings. e.g. "Manage Exclusions" for Filter HTTPS Protocol & "Manage Exclusions" for EV Cert Websites features (Settings > Network). Click Export Config and ask user to tick boxes for which configuration and settings to export!
Please consider adding this feature to both Windows and Android editions! Much easier recommending your software to clients!


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