Adguard and Aguard-VPN compatible


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Hi all,
I have a few issues related to adguard and adguard-vpn compatibility that I am facing recently.

1/ adguard vpn and adguard for windows 10: how to make them work together. I realize that when the Adguard VPN turns on, normal adguard does not block ads, the vpn does.I record a demo here for you (sorry for bad quality):

2/ adguard vpn keeps logging out every 30 mins from the windows app. (see the recording above, you will realize that I have to login again from the beginning which I already logged in 30 mins ago)

3/ adguard-vpn allows me to connect max 5 devices at the same time: (FAQ: One AdGuard VPN subscription covers 5 simultaneous connections (to any devices you want).
==> Do I understand it correctly: “the list can have more than 5+ devices displayed (or logged in) but still only 5 devices are able to turn on. If yes, can I know which one is connecting?”
Because I don't see any "x" remove devices button like the usual adguard above.

Thank you.