Adguard and Emsisoft compatibility


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I have a question regarding the compatibility between Adguards and Emsisofts WFP driver. I remember from former times that there was a certain probability of getting a tcpip.sys BSOD (I experienced this by myself back then when I was using Emsisoft).

Is this still a thing or are these problems fixed? I found a recommendation over there at Emsisofts forum to mitigate the problem by enabling the following settings within Adguard:

enable "Use driver in redirect mode"
disable "Intercept TCP connection requests"
disable "Filter local connections"

Is it still necessary to do this for a hassle-free experience? (Background of the story is, that I convinced someone to try out Adguard, but he is a also an Emsisoft user. I don't want to BSOD him right away ;))


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Hello there!

The last time we tested the compatibility of these two products, we did not encounter any compatibility issues.
But the WFP driver, as well as the applications, are constantly updated.

It is quite possible that from time to time there may be compatibility issues, and this applies not only to Emisoft but also to other AV and VPN services.

As you rightly noticed in this case you can try switching to a TDI driver or trying different combinations of advanced settings.

But without BSOD dump of course not to figure out the real reasons for what happened.