AdGuard and Opera browser


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My PC is running on Windows 10 up to date.
AdGuard is installed.
I have two sessions on this PC.

In the list of filtered applications, opera.exe is present in both sessions.

For one of the sessions, the AdGuard assistant is present and working but on the other session not (in any case, I do not see the assistant and the extension icon is always green).

For Edge and Firefox, AdGuard works well in both sessions.

What can I do to resolve the problem with Opera?
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I found the cause of the problem: the Opera VPN which I believe is a proxy.
If Opera VPN is enabled, AdGuard does not work in this browser, if the VPN is disabled AdGuard works correctly.


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Hello there!
The point is that when a VPN is enabled, the operation does not allow AdGuard to interfere with traffic filtering.
Unfortunately, we are powerless in this case.