AdGuard Android App Plus AdGuard DNS Down?


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Hello AdGuard. I have your Android App and use your DNS in my router, but they appear to be down. It could be something else, but I'm able to connect to the internet with my phone by turning off AdGuard DNS VPN and by using my Spectrum default DNS servers. When I try to enable the Android app or switch to the AdGuard DNS Servers (,, and the others for IPV6) my internet goes down again. Are you doing some maintenance right now? If you are, any idea about how long it will be until both my Android and Router can utilize your DNS servers again so I don't have to be bother by the extremely large amounts of ads that I haven't seen for such a long time due to the great way your DNS works?

Please let me know if it is just me... and if it is, how can I fix it myself. If it's something on your end, I'd appreciate knowing I'm not responsible for doing something wrong, and I'd also love to know when I can re-enable the AdGuard DNS on both my devices.

Thanks so much!

~ Ev


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.... Aaaaaaaaaand never mind. It seems everything is working properly once again!

Anyway, thanks for whatever it is you did, because I have no problems whatsoever with your DNS for my Android nor my router! :)


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Hello gentlemen!

There are some problems with certain servers. In the near future, the situation will normalize.

Thank you for understanding!