Adguard App + Eset cibersecurity


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Hello: I'm using Adguard App (not browser extension)+EsetCibersecurity Mac and Safari runs perfect without ads...but I don't know if the two Apps work similar and they can work together...



Beta Tester
When I surf in the web,Adguard App says "We are collecting all the information about the websites engaged in hidden crypto-mining. Press "OK" to send an automatic report about this website",and Eset Cybersecurity says "JS/CoinMiner detected....Delete?". I'm worry about this...Can Adguard avoid this miner??
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Boo Berry

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The site is running a cryptocurrency coin miner script. AdGuard gives the user a choice on whether or not they want to allow running the script (to support the site) or to prevent it.

A lot of sites are starting to run cryptocurrency mining scripts without informing the user so the user can give his/her consent.