AdGuard app is throttling Google URLs


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Android 11
AdGuard 3.6.23

Over the past couple of days AdGuard for Android has begun failing to load/refresh various Google web addresses.


The progress bar located under the URL displayed in Android Chrome will simply stall when loading. The page will eventually load after 10 seconds or so, or instead display a Chrome broken page error which then automatically refreshes, and loads the page instantly as normal.

I know this to be an AdGuard issue as when toggling AdGuard off the problem ceases completely. It's also interesting to note that this only occurs with AdGuard while operating on Wi-Fi... If instead using mobile data, the problem fully subsides until once again connecting to my Wi-Fi network.

Tried updating to latest version of AdGuard app. No change.

Also followed the DNS recommendations listed below in a case which sounds particularly similar to mine. Again, no change.

Any ideas, folks? :(

EDIT: Issue resolved - it was a problem with my WiFi connection. A simple modem reboot cleared the symptom entirely.
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