AdGuard BitDefender VPN (Premium)


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I have been using AdGuard on my Motorola One Vision* and it has done WONDERS !!

It has honestly exceeded my expectations!

*My phone has the authentic Android One and the version has been recently updated to Android 10

( I basically do not use a custom rom )

Yesterday I decided to buy the Premium version of the VPN service that my BitDefender AntiVirus offers.

I just noticed that there is a clash between the two but I am sure that it can be resolved by changing some settings.

IF I am correct I have two options:

(1) Give AdGuard the permission to have root access hence be able to select the "Local Proxy auto mode" - at the Filtering method

(2) Go to Proxy settings and select "ADD PROXY SERVER" and then, with your help, I could set it up.

What would you recommend?

Thank you all in advance!!

PS AdGuard, I must say, is and will always be an indispensable app of my Android phone!


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Hello there!

As you rightly noted, Android has a limitation on running only one VPN service at a time.
Therefore, you need to switch the filtration mode from the local VPN to the HTTP proxy.
It is desirable to have root rights or you will have to configure the HTTP proxy manually.
You can read more in detail here.


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Thank you very much for your detailed answer!

I am now looking into whether I can request from my VPN provider details as to configure the HTTP proxy manually.

IF my provider can withhold such information then I am left with no other option but to Root my phone.

( Something I hope I can avoid... )

Once I resolve this annoying issue (for which Google is 100% at fault) I will post again.

Thanks once again!


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I am writing this as an open letter for ALL VPN companies that provide their services for Android users:

Dear VPN Providers,

Quite frankly I DO NOT need you for my Android phone.

First of all, I can do online banking, online shopping etc once I am safely at home using my personal computer.

Moreover, should I need to access my Android phone to check my personal email?

Well... I will simply spend a few Megabytes roaming on my 4G Network as (according to Norton by Symantec)

"At the risk of sounding like a broken record, nothing connected to the Internet is 100% invincible to cybercriminals all the time.
However, when it comes to 4G, hacking seems to still be in the proof-of-concept stage."

I think it is about time you ALL raise this issue with Google LLC...

Allowing only one VPN service at a time is PREPOSTEROUS.


Accessing the internet with intrusive adds -especially on a screen that is about the size of an adults palm- is COMPLETELY out of the question.


Even using my Windows 10 desktop I did a comparison: Brave Browser AND uBlock (origin) VS AdGuard (as I have a license for 2 devices)

Guess what...