AdGuard blocking all my network traffic?


New Member
Not sure what happens here, but since this morning, I have to kill AdGuard in order to browse internet.
Otherwise, my browser keeps loading, and at some point, Chrome finally displays a DNS error (DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_BAD_CONFIG).

I use AdGuard with the DNS Protection, with the AdGuard DNS provider selected on MacOS 12.6.
Any idea of what's causing this and how to fix it ?


Staff member

Have you checked for updates? Could you please perform the following steps and see if the browser is working correctly now:
  • 1) Please, in the Filters setting, set only 2 sets of filters to be active - language specific and AdGuard base one.
  • 2) Disable all the additional security modules, like anti-tracking and anti-phishing.
  • 3) Set your DNS server to AdGuard Base DNS.
  • 4) Turn off the AdGuard app completely and turn it on again.
  • 5) Open your browser window in incognito mode and check for the issue.

Let us know about the results.