AdGuard Blocking Apps from Loading


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I recently downloaded the hotfix 3.2.140 of AdGuard for Android, but it's still blocking apps from loading. YouTube works fine now after the hotfix, but other apps like Twitter, Weather Underground & AP News, for example, won't load and just sit there spinning then tell me I don't have an internet connection.

I didn't see any way to export the logs from AdGuard, but I remember using another app in the past that would create logs of things going on in the background, so if you need anything like that to troubleshoot my issue, let me know.

I have a Samsung Galaxy S8 on Android 9. Any help trying to fix this problem would be appreciated.



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Check your firewall if your connection looks like 'blocked' iin the filtering log it could be the firewall​


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I'm not getting the same problem as before with the new nightly build v3.3 nightly 21 (138). It's blocking apps and sites from loading properly, and I have YouTube Premium and when I logged in while AdGuard was enabled, it was going show me advertising on it anyway!


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Same issue for me. With AdGuard on, apps like Boost for Reddit and PokemonGo don't want to load but work just fine when I turn it off. I downloaded the Nightly up higher in this thread and that seemed to help for a bit, but then I was back to having the same issues.
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HTTPS filtration for Pokemon and Reddit apps is off?
Try to start the application and look at the filtering log. There you can find out which element blocks access to the network.


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It seems like this problem comes and goes. One time the app will load up fine, the next nothing until I turn off Adguard. As far as the filtering log, I see a couple of entries highlighted in red, "". I also see 4 entries that are for the Boost Reddit app, but none of those are red.


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Same issue for about a week. Almost no apps will work, I disable Adguard and everything works (but with ads of course). I even went thru every single filter 1at a toggling off to going issue,no go. I then turned every filter off but left adguard still on and there didn't work. I had to completely disable adguard for data to come back.