AdGuard blocking Samsung Galaxy S7 Calendar Sync


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I'm using the current version of adguard and have a lifetime subscription.

I've been frustrated the last couple of days with my Samsung Galaxy S7 Calendar not syncing properly. I'd add events to either google calendar via the web or an exchange calendar via outlook (that I have set up on the phone using a native exchange account) and events would never appear on the phone. When I went into the phone accounts, it should no recent sync activity for either google calendar or the exchange account.

Today, I disabled adguard while testing a different ad blocker. I forgot re-enable it after and I just realized that my calendars are syncing properly again.

I'm not 100% sure it's the culprit and I need to do a little more testing, but, initially, it sure seems that's what's going on. The timing certainly is right as well as it does seem that I've had calendar issue since about the time I installed adguard.

Is is possible that adguard is the culprit here. Are there any settings that I could use that might stop adguard from blocking my calendar sync?


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@LexLuthor we tried to reproduce it, but to no avail (we tested with the S Planner app, I suppose you meant this one).

Please let us know what filters do you have enabled. Any advanced settings are changed compared to default?

Also, please try to install the latest beta version you if haven't done it yet:


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I am using it with the default install, except I've turned off the firewall. No, not talking about the S Planner app, I don't even have that on my phone. I'm just calling about the stock Calendar app. In ad blocker settings, I have english filter, sypware filter and mobile ads filter checked off.

I've changed no other settings.

I do think I have resolved the issue though by unchecking apps->general->enabled for calendar, calendar storage and google calendar sync. It seems to be fine since I've done that. All 3 of those show "no data" so I'm a little skeptical that's what fixed it though. I can try to reenable those again and see if that blocks calendar syncing again though.


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It's very hard to try to test this all out as sometimes calendar events sync right away and sometimes they take a few minutes, plus I'm dealing with 2 different google calendars and 1 exchange calendar all syncing to the same calendar storage on the phone.

I'm going to start over here. I've uninstalled and reinstalled adguard and made a note of exactly what I changed from the default install. I may have to let this run for a full day and see what the results are. Seems like it may be working correctly at the moment without removing any of the calendar apps from running through the firewall.

I'll be back once I've let this run for longer.


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Well, all seems to be working fine still with adguard. Perhaps a false alarm, perhaps, in the previous install, I checked off something I shouldn't have. Right now, I've got these changes from default.
show useful adds checked
update over wifi only checked
notification icon changed to notification without icon
ad blocker
social media filter unchecked
enable firewall unchecked

I do not have google calendar sync, calendar or calendar storage excluded from running through the firewall.

I guess if my calendar stops syncing again, I'll take a look at it then.