Adguard blocks .es domains from google


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Hello, I have a problem, adguard blocks my domains .es from google and several other websites and I don't know how to solve it because adding rules still does not work. It also happens with other websites.
Here are some that I cannot access.

If I enter google's .com domains if I can access
How could I solve it?
I use Safari on mac and if I deactivate adguard I can access without problems

Excuse my English, I'm from Spain


Staff member
Hi @djmarko, it looks like some filters or rules block Spanish sites, but we need some more information for troubleshooting. Could you please send me logs in direct messages?
Here is an instruction on how to collect them:
  1. In AdGuard head to Settings (Gear icon) → AdvancedLogging levelDebug
  2. Reproduce the issue and remember the time when it happened
  3. Head back to AdvancedExport logs and System info
  4. Save the archive, send it to me and tell the time the problem happened
  5. Set the logging level back to Default