Adguard blocks everything


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Hey all,

I am having serious problems with Adguard. I recently migrated my system from a 2013 macbook to a 2021 macbook, everything just continude to work, exept Adguard.
I deinstalled and reinstalled it, but it just blocks everything on Safari. When activating the Adguard extensions in the browser all Websites are marked as insecure andI am forced to manually allow the website.I deleted the cookies,but that did not help.
Any ideas?

On Firefox everything works fine.

Safari: Version 15.1 (17612.
MacOS 12.01. (21A559)


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True. Not a very lively forum.
The first thing I would do is update both AdGuard and Monterey. There are new versions of both.
The second thing I would do is delete everything under Safari Einstellungen-Datenschutz-Websitedaten verwalten.