Adguard + Brave, what parameters to adjust/deactivate?


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I changed back and forth between Chrome, Brave and Vivaldi. I finally decided to use Brave. But what makes it a bit awkward now is that, in the meantime, i bought a lifetime licence Adguard for windows. Because, if i understood it well (correct me if i'm wrong, i'm no expert), the ad/tracking block built-in in Brave is very similar, if not the same in its functioning, than Adguard for windows. But it's alright! Because i noticed that Brave Shield was bit too "powerful" and tended to break some websites, while Adguard doesn't seem to have that issue as much, if at all, and can be customizable more easily.

So even if it does feel weird, I don't mind using Brave along with Adguard, Adguard doing basically the job of Brave Shield. But my question is : What should i do with the Brave shield parameters now? Should i deactivate everything? Should i let a few options on? For example what if i let "cross-site cookies and/or finger print blocked" on? Can i activate Brave and Adguard at full potential both at the same time with no impact on the browsing? Finally, is Brave shield objectively better for some options (you probably won't say yes to that, but it's worth asking)?

In short, what option is redundant, what is still useful to keep, or even what could come in conflict with Adguard (or slow down browser in some way)?
I'd like the Brave shield and Adguard to work the best way possible together, and if you tell me it's better to deactivate absolutely everything from Brave shield, so be it.

It seems more appropriate to ask the question here rather than in a Brave forum. I don't think they would like the idea too much of using Adguard with Brave.

As a reminder, for those who are not familiar with the Brave shield, its features are explained here (basically Adguard-like for specifically one browser) :

It looks like this :
2020-04-15 21_40_05-.jpg