AdGuard Breaks Paramount & Hulu


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After the update to v2.8.1.1140 release (CL-1.9.62, DNS-1.7.22) of AdGuard on macOS Monterey 12.3.1 video sites and will no longer function.
  • On Paramountplus.comthe video never loads, but instead plays an accessibility audio only version of the movie/show.
    • Accessibility Audio Only meaning that its the audio for those with disability; its narrates what is going on in the show.
    • Example: "The door opened slowly, Jane walked in. A book fell on the floor."
  • On Hulu.comthe video never loads, nor does any audio.
    • Video content without ads seems to play
If I disable AdGuard, both video streaming services function as they should.

Both video streaming services were working before the update to AdGuard. I did not make any changes to the settings or filters.

This seem to only effect Safari.
I do not use Google Products/Services, but I did briefly install it to check if issue was only on Safari or not.
(However, there was no extension installed for Chrome, and I'm not sure if there is one.)

I don't have any custom user filters, and I just use AdGuard Base Filter.
This is the same as before the version update to AdGuard.

Edit: I have a lifetime family subscription to AdGuard, not using Free Version