AdGuard Browser Assistant for Edge - "AdGuard is not installed or configured incorrectly"


Beta Tester

I've just noticed in the last couple of days that the AdGuard Browser Assistant I installed from the Edge Extensions store isn't working, and when I click on it it just says "AdGuard is not installed or configured incorrectly" (see screenshot)


I'm using AG for Windows 7.9, AG Browser Assistant 1.3.6, and Windows 10 Pro 21H2
I'm seeing same behaviour in both Edge Stable (99.0.1150.30) and Edge Beta (100.0.1181.0)
AG Browser Assistant was installed from the link provided in AG for Windows -> Settings -> Browser Assistant -> "Get the extension" (

AG Browser assistant 1.3.6 working fine in Chrome Stable (99.0.4844.51) (AG Browser Assistant extension installed from Chrome web store)

Installing the AG Browser assistant 1.3.6 from Chrome web store into Edge is working fine.

Is there something wrong with the extension in the Edge add-ons store?