AdGuard Browser Extension 3.4.11


Staff member
This is a small update that fixes a few ad blocking- and networking-related bugs, as well as introduces some other minor improvements in UI and other areas.

Ad Blocking
- [Added] `$ping` modifier support
- [Fixed] Rules are not applied to websites with dot at the end of their domain name
- [Fixed] `$3p,domain=` rule works as CSP rule
- [Fixed] `$badfilter` modifier doesn't work correctly together with `$all` modifier
- [Fixed] `max-length` set to 256KB for `##^` rules
- [Fixed] Element hiding gets broken by an invalid element hiding rule
- [Improved] `$domain` modifier semantics
- [Improved] More modifiers’ aliases have been added

- [Fixed] “User rules” highlighting issue
- [Improved] Enabled filters have been moved to the top of the list

- [Fixed] Manual element blocker doesn’t work on a website
- [Fixed] Enabling “Send ad filters usage stats” breaks webpages on Edge Chromium

- [Added] Handling of the `adguard:subscribe` protocol for installing new filter subscriptions
- [Changed] “About” tab and the Settings footer have been updated
- [Changed] Update scriptlets to v1.1.9
- [Fixed] Exporting/importing the whitelist creates duplicate entries
- [Fixed] Rules added via Filtering log are not visible in the already opened Filter editor
- [Fixed] Scriptlets are not validated before execution
- [Improved] Accessibility for visually impaired users

This version on Github.