AdGuard Browser Extension 3.5.12


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The release of AdGuard AdBlocker extension v3.5.12 was preceded by four betas the version numbers of which look like Fibonacci sequence: 3.5.3, 3.5.5, 3.5.8 (and 3.5.12 falling out of line)… Seems like we’re getting close to the golden ratio! We hope that you’ll find the changes we made to the extension beautiful and well calibrated.

  • [Enhancement] Integration mode has been removed
  • [Enhancement] Filters metadata has been updated
  • [Enhancement] Scriptlets have been updated to v1.3
  • [Enhancement] Improved google-analytics and googlesyndication-adsbygoogle support #67, #91
  • [Enhancement] Added :upward support #102
  • [Enhancement] Added :remove() support #108
  • [Enhancement] Changed restrictions for CSS injection rules with \ character #1614
  • [Enhancement] All requests initiated by the browser extension have been sanitized #1647
  • [Enhancement] Changed the way Safebrowsing lookup API works #1648
  • [Fixed] Error with set-constant caused by non-existent chain property
  • [Fixed] adguard.configure callback does not apply rules #1607
  • [Fixed] Some requests blocking rules don't work correctly #1620
  • [Fixed] Cosmetic rules can be used as CSS rules #1624
  • [Fixed] Triggered scriptlet rules without domain restrictions are not displayed in filtering log #1637
  • [Fixed] Infinite pending request status on some web pages #1644
  • [Fixed] AdGuard v3.5 is not working on Firefox v54 and below #1674
  • [Other] Thai localization has been added #1590
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