AdGuard Browser Extension 3.6.5 beta


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Meet AdGuard Browser Extension v3.6.5 beta!

We’ve added support for the $removeparam modifier which allowed us to get rid of the old Remove tracking parameters setting and add a new one that enables AdGuard URL Tracking filter. This will make deleting tracking parameters more flexible, so that everybody can create $removeparam user rules for their needs.

Moreover, in addition to “Do-Not-Track”, another signal appeared in the Stealth Mode settings — “Global Privacy Control”. These signals are sent to the websites you are visiting not to track you and to hide your search queries. Finally, we’ve added the birthday promo to the extension — AdGuard turns 12 on June 1!


[Added] `$removeparam` modifier support
[Added] Global Privacy Control signal in Stealth Mode
[Added] AdGuard URL Tracking filter
[Enhancement] Generic CSS exclusions disable matching CSS/elemhide rules on all domains #1801
[Enhancement] CSP reports to third parties and csp-reports containing moz://extension are blocked #1792
[Enhancement] Updated Scriptlets and redirects from v1.3.15 to v1.3.18
[Enhancement] Updated ExtendedCss from v1.3.10 to v1.3.11

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