AdGuard Browser Extension 4.0.105 beta


Quality Assurance
Staff member
This version mainly includes UI fixes but there are also scriptlets updates and some minor improvements. In this version we've added click2load scriptlet support. This scriptlet allows to block iFrames (short for 'inline frame element') and then unblock them in one click.


  • [Fixed] Page scripts won't work due to CSP: require-trusted-types-for 'script' #1923
  • [Fixed] Inaccuracy in the description of the actions (User rules) #1921
  • [Fixed] UI Improvement: Sliders and etc. #1912
  • [Fixed] Images are broken by HTML filtering rules #1906
  • [Fixed] After reset settings, default filters does not turn on afrer enabling filters groups #1902
  • [Fixed] Extension adds own id in the allowlist #1901
  • [Fixed] Increasing the contrast the "X" button on the dark theme #363
  • [Fixed] The distance to the right and left for the buttons should be the same #1900
  • [Fixed] Align the funnel on an axis of symmetry #1899
  • [Fixed] Improvement of the statistics graph #1898
  • [Fixed] On a light and dark themes, the text is not very visible #1895
  • [Fixed] Dots in the end of settings descriptions #1892
  • [Fixed] Do not convert $all to 4 rules #1879
  • [Fixed] Can't block $removeparam modifier from filtering logs #1821
  • [Fixed] AdGuard 4.0.64 Beta Doesn't Check Option on Reports AdGuard Page #1937
  • [Fixed] The extension icon blinks when going into pause mode #1917
  • [Fixed] Banner breaks when checking for filter updates #1948
  • [Added] click2load scriptlet support #122

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