AdGuard Browser Extension 4.0.125 beta


Quality Assurance
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New AdGuard Browser Extension release candidate's changelog mostly consists of minor bug fixes (as it often goes with release candidates). Hopefully, this is the last stretch before finally firing off the v4.0 release.


  • [Fixed] Wrong Dutch Language translation in AG popup window #1974
  • [Fixed] AdGuard 4.0.108 Does Not Check Updates for Custom Filter #1972
  • [Fixed] Add "box" for rule text in filtering log #1970
  • [Fixed] Redirecting to the wrong page from the link #1966
  • [Fixed] The page doesn't get blocked after adding a $document- type rule
  • [Fixed] AdGuard API allowlist is not working on domains with www
  • [Fixed] Empty file import creates empty string in the user rules
  • [Fixed] navigator.globalPrivacyControl is not set in the content script
  • [Fixed] Filtering log wrongly determines requests as allowlisted
  • [Improvement] Make "!#if" apply to custom filter lists #1971
  • [Enhancement] Adding a rule and subsequently importing a new custom rules list now keeps the added rule
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