AdGuard Browser Extension 4.1.1


Quality Assurance
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We always want to make the interface even more user-friendly for you and the filtering more efficient. That's exactly what the new version of AdGuard Browser extension has to offer.

We've made a lot of fixes and improvements: for instance, we added the `Update filters` button directly to the extension pop-up.


  • [Enhancement] Added the Update filters button to the extension pop-up #1455
  • [Enhancement] Improved descriptions of the Stealth mode features
  • [Enhancement] Some areas of the Filtering log became clickable — now it’s easy to move one step back
  • [Enhancement] Clicking a request in the Filtering log now opens the Request details #2136
  • [Enhancement] The elements of Filtering log are placed symmetrically #2088
  • [Enhancement] :hover elements became less contrast in dark theme #2137
  • [Enhancement] Improved readability in dark theme #2139
  • [Enhancement] Highlighted ping type and pseudo-properties in the User rules editor
  • [Enhancement] Highlighted touch-action property in the User rules editor
  • [Enhancement] Update the translations into Croatian #2113
  • [Fixed] script modifier doesn't work alongside with popup modifier #1992
  • [Fixed] The rules with TLD (top-level domains) don't work in some cases #2037
  • [Fixed] The $replace rule breaks video player in some cases #2038
  • [Fixed] The regex filter doesn't work in AdGuard Browser extension v4.0.161 #2042
  • [Fixed] $match-case modifier doesn't work correctly #2049
  • [Fixed] Can't copy User rules in the AdGuard Browser extension for Firefox on Android 2065
  • [Fixed] Add permission to read and modify privacy settings when first enabling the Block WebRTC option #2074
  • [Fixed] $redirect-rule modifier does not work correctly #51
  • [Fixed] The regex rule is not applied properly #52
  • [Fixed] Add an empty $path variable for the main page only #54
  • [Fixed] Disable the Check for updates button when no filters are enabled #2108
  • [Fixed] Do not suggest to remove query parameters for cookie rules
  • [Fixed] The cursor is flashing when hovering over a row in the Filtering log table
  • [Fixed] The rule for hiding elements is not applied to all subdomains #57

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