AdGuard Browser Extension 4.1.19


Quality Assurance
Staff member
The new version of AdGuard Browser extension 4.1.19 is now available. Install the update — it contains several improvements and bug fixes.

  • [Improvement] Added the links “Report a bug” and “Leave feedback” to General settings
  • [Improvement] Improved functionality of cmd+f/ctrl+f commands on the Settings and Filtering log screens #2161
  • [Improvement] Updated scriptlets to v1.6.39
  • [Fixed] Web pages are scrolled automatically when clicking “Check for filter updates” in the Firefox context menu #1645
  • [Fixed] The sidebar settings are located too close to each other and AdGuard logo it too small #2150
  • [Fixed] The “Update filters” button looks blurry and is smaller than other buttons on the extension popup #2151
  • [Fixed] The selected line is not highlighted on the “Details” screen in the Filtering log
  • [Fixed] The rules for hiding elements are removed in Brave and Opera browsers #2169

This version on GitHub.