[AdGuard browser extension for Edge] Beta v.2.3.7

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Greetings to all of those who eager about browser extensions!

We have great news for you today! Finally, we can affirmatively answer the 'Do you have an extension for Edge?' question. We have done a massive refactoring in order to port Adguard to Microsoft Edge. Now we need to test it for some time to make sure that nothing is broken for other platforms.

Complete description and a download link are available on GitHub:

Adguard for Microsoft Edge browser: #202
So, we have finally ported Adguard browser extension to Microsoft Edge. However, we cannot yet publish it to Windows Store (as we don't see such option in developer dashboard :)). Hence, in order to install it you should make some changes to your Edge configuration.

Minimum supported Edge version is 38.14352.1002.0.
This means, that you should be on Insider Preview Windows version.

  1. Go to "about:flags" page.
  2. Turn on "Enable extension developer features".
  3. Unpack edge extension archive.
  4. Open Edge settings -> Extensions.
  5. Click "Load extension" button and choose unpacked extension folder.
  6. That's it, I hope you'll like it!
Known issues:
  1. Integration mode is not working yet.
  2. "Export" function crashes Edge.
  3. Adguard browser menu looks bad as we cannot control menu container size and shape.
But despite all the problems we strongly believe that this is a big step forward. We hope very much that you will help us to fix everything that is not perfect yet and troubleshoot all the bugs by the date of official release. Please leave your comments!
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