AdGuard Browser Extension v2.5.11


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This is a minor update focused on fixing some bugs.


Thanks to cooperation from Microsoft Edge team, we are now close to publishing Adguard to Windows store. In this version we have fixed quite a few issues found since the first Edge extension release (v2.3.8). However, Edge extension testing is still in progress. We will keep you updated about it.


[Fixed] Collapsing elements may cause a huge load on certain websites #474
[Fixed] issue with collapsing video tag #408
[Fixed] bug - iframe with chat is hidden (FF, Chrome) #373


[Fixed] messages bug #488


[Changed] Global stylesheet is got rid of in case of FF add-on #493
[Fixed] Filtering log bug in Firefox add-on #492
[Fixed] "Beta" word removed from the Firefox standalone add-on name #476


[Fixed] Date parsing issue with filters updates #478

As always, you can get the update from your browser extensions store or download it directly from our GitHub repository.


This release is not too flashy. Not much new was added, as we mostly focused on bug fixing. Having that said, some of those fixes are rather big. Overall, new version will be more stable and smooth.


[Fixed] CSP change is not applied to iframes #440
[Fixed] "Allow search ads and websites' self-promotion" option doesn't work in Chromium extension #471


[Added] Version of Firefox extension with JS support #388 (AMO) has strict rules when it comes to uploading extensions that can work with JavaScript. That's why part of the filtering rules which were available for Chrome extension, Windows version etc. are not working in Firefox extension. This is why we make another version of FF extension available - without any limitations. You have to download it from GitHub though, as it will not be added to AMO.

Note: the file you need on GitHub is adguard_adblocker_beta-2.5.8-an.fx.xpi

[Fixed] Web-sockets are not blocked on some websites in Firefox and Edge #416
[Fixed] Issues on Firefox add-on update #380
[Fixed] Adguard can't be installed on Firefox Nightly 53.0a1 #443
[Fixed] Firefox with Adguard consumes lots of Memory #449
[Fixed] Frame scripts aren't executed properly on browser's first run #446


[Fixed] Invalid rule has blocked access to all websites #406
[Fixed] Safari extension does not fully support $generichide rules #437
[Fixed] Content Blocker css-display-none rules aren't applied when you open a website for the first time #153


[Added] $important modifier #402

This new modifier is mostly for custom filtering rules enthusiasts and filter developers. In a word, this modifier allows to give certain rules higher priority over other rules, resulting in better filtering in some cases.

[Fixed] Content Security Policy excessive blocking #385
[Fixed] Some symbols are displayed in a different font #387
[Fixed] Bug in set[Restricted|Permitted]Domains method #391
[Fixed] Filter rule text box is now editable #331
[Fixed] Rule constructor ignores element id #445
[Fixed] Amazon page blinking issue #400
[Fixed] Ad blocking on can't be disabled #448
[Fixed] Changed the way url/referrer for frames is checked #444
[Fixed] Big frames (like youtube frames) do not pre-collapse any more #467
[Fixed] issue #408
[Fixed] issue #373
[Improved] "ExtendedCss" module upgraded to v1.0.6 #410
[Improved] A token/shortcut extracted from simple regex rules #332
[Improved] New filters server is used instead of AG backend #415
[Improved] Adguard styles are protected from removing #320
[Improved] "elementCollapser" is extracted to a separate file #366
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firefox-standalone-2.5.8.xpi is the Firefox extension with JS support, right? Might be worth noting you can't install it in the stable version of Firefox (gives the unverified error).


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Since I updated the Extension to this version in my Chrome (integration mode), Adguard for Windows misbehaves. Sometimes Check for Updates in Tray icon is greyed out and when opening About (or License) window, sometimes it crashes in .NET Framework.
Also sometimes the main window hangs on deleting a rule in user filter. Had to kill the symbol and service and restart it.



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@Blaz here is what happened:

1. New extension version uses server to get filter updates;
2. We did not setup CDN properly, so filters were not cached;
3. After browser extension was updated, server load quickly hit 500-1000 Mbps;
4. Under heavy load it was working really slow;