AdGuard Browser Extension v4.0.159 beta


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Chrome: Published

In this beta we fixed a truckload of bugs, elaborated the scrollbar design, and updated translations. This update is small but efficient and it certainly brings us closer to release.


[Added] `color-scheme: dark;` for post installation pages and scrolls #1408
[Enhancement] Scrollbar style #2010
[Fixed] CPU load increases on browser restart with open tabs
[Fixed] The text doesn’t fit in the button #2024
[Fixed] Filter description is too close to its title and info #2022
[Fixed] Sometimes `$replace` rules do not work and are not displayed in the filtering log #2018
[Fixed] Circle around the protection switch blinks when hovering the cursor over it #2015
[Fixed] Firefox Nightly error #2011
[Fixed] Phishing pop up is displayed on all websites #2009
[Fixed] Edge offers to translate the settings page into Russian although it's already in Russian #2005
[Updated] Chinese translation

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