AdGuard Browser Extension version 3.0.13 released


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After a series of hasty hotfixes we are happy to finally do a full-scale release. It may be not the biggest AdGuard browser extension release of all times, but it’s something. Inside you will find some small-ish changes and of course more bug fixes! This time, they were not so urgent, though.
  • Changed] "Mobile ads filter" is enabled by default on the Firefox for Android #1307
  • [Changed] $badfilter collection passed to ReplaceFilter #1340
  • [Changed] Chinese date format is now used for filters' update time in Chinese interface #1322
  • [Changed] Manifest file now properly indicates the latest supported Chrome version #1134
  • [Fixed] "Add custom filter" button is shown in English after adding a custom filter #1356
  • [Fixed] "Remove X-Client-Data header" has been made specific to Google Chrome only #1362
  • [Fixed] “Thank you” page in Edge #1369
  • [Fixed] $stealth modifier does not work in some cases #1342
  • [Fixed] BODY tag is ignored in the rules constructor in developer tools #1301
  • [Fixed] Comment symbol ! is applied as a URL blocking rule #1361
  • [Fixed] Enabled filters in turned off filter groups should be updated after the group is turned back on #1334
  • [Fixed] Incorrect automatic activation of the language-specific filters #1354
  • [Fixed] Language-specific filters are automatically activated even if the Language-specific filter group is disabled #1308
  • [Fixed] Last custom filters update check time is not saved #1347
  • [Fixed] Settings page in the extension doesn't wait until the extension is initialized before requesting information #1329
  • [Fixed] Standalone server breaks the extension's popup #1343
  • [Fixed] Strings alignment on the Settings screen #1360
  • [Fixed] The extension doesn't subscribe to the abp:subscribe- type links in the iframe #1357
As always, you can get the update from your browser extensions store or download it directly from our GitHub repository.

Sorry for another hotfix. It appeared, that filter lists updates were broken since v3.0 first release for those who restart their browser too often. This update fixes #1346 and #1331.
Turned out, we overlooked a couple of minor bugs and inconsistencies in the previous hotfix. Here's a quick fix to set things right.
  • [Fixed] Statistics flushed after browser restart (randomly) #1341
  • [Fixed] ExtCss DOM observer fails in Edge due to a "Syntax error" #1330
  • [Fixed] Extension doesn't search for other rules if first found rule matched with badfilter rule #1328
  • [Fixed] User filter editor is often stuck in "Saving" state #1316
  • [Fixed] AdGuard extension does not properly show on Chrome 56 (winXP) #1315
  • [Fixed] AdGuard extension doesn't work in UC browser #1318
  • [Fixed] ExtendedCss recursively calls MutationObserver #1317
  • [Fixed] ExtCss DOM observer fails in Edge due to a "Syntax error" #1330
  • [Fixed] Extension doesn't search for other rules if first found rule matched with badfilter rule #1328
  • [Fixed] User filter editor is often stuck in "Saving" state #1316
  • [Fixed] AdGuard extension does not properly show on Chrome 56 (winXP) #1315
  • [Fixed] AdGuard extension doesn't work in UC browser #1318
  • [Fixed] ExtendedCss recursively calls MutationObserver #1317
As they say, you can't have a good release without a hotfix. Or maybe they don't say that, but we sure need one.
In this update, we fix a particularly nasty bug that causes high CPU load because of some filtering rules.
New AdGuard Browser Extension follows the trends. As if ads were not bad enough, the web today is teeming with trackers. Big companies want to know everything about you, and AdGuard is here to stop it. The new Stealth Mode is designed specifically to protect your online privacy — an entire new module dedicated just for that. But that’s even not the first thing you will notice. Of course, the new design will steal the show. Let’s have a closer look.

[Improved] Renewed design
Fresh icon and menu designs that make interface more natural and user-friendly, with a big ‘On/Off‘ switch. Brand-new ’Statistics" tab creates charts based on your blocked ads statistics, with the ability to show different types of data: total, filter-specific etc.
popup_protection_enable_youtube_en.png popup_statistics_ad_blocking_last_week_en.png

Also worth mentioning is the User filter. It has undergone a few changes too. The new luminous element highlighting and auto-save function, as well as a unified text field for filtering rules should make editing more convenient. The text box can also be resized to your liking.

[Added] Stealth Mode #283
We took online privacy protection in our extension to the next level by adding the Privacy module, which until this day existed only in the standalone AdGuard for Windows app. Although it doesn’t have the full capabilities of its desktop parent yet, it still makes the extension all the more effective for protecting privacy against trackers and analytical systems. It already gives you a wide range of privacy-related options (each explained in the tooltip), but we will surely add more in the future updates.

[Added] Filter categories #1068
We changed the way in which the filters are presented to users. Instead of listing them all together, we combined the filters into semantic groups. Each group includes filters that serve some particular goal. For example, filters that block ads are grouped together, filters that block trackers and serve privacy purposes will be united into a different group, etc. It is possible to enable and disable all filters in a group at once.

[Added] ‘Filters update period‘ setting #596
Before, filters were automatically updated every 48 hours (default period), now you can adjust the frequency of automatic updates (by choosing from options: every 1/6/12/24/48 hours) or disable them completely, in case you prefer to update them manually.

[Added] An option to disable integration mode while keeping the extension up #1012
If you already have the AdGuard app, our browser extension may become a very useful additional tool, which can completely replace the browser-based ’AdGuard Assistant" module (learn more). It’s called Integration mode and now you can turn it on or off in the ‘Other settings’ tab.

  • [Added] An option to resize User filter and Whitelist text areas #1263
  • [Added] ‘About‘ screen #1135
  • [Added] ’Submit a complaint‘ item to the right-click menu #1072
  • [Added] $cookie modifier support #961
  • [Added] A notification with changelog after an update #1025
  • [Added] Notifications for various actions, e. g. filter updates #1167
  • [Added] Search among all filter categories #1192
  • [Added] Show notify when checking for filters update using context menu #1073
  • [Added] Update filter after enabling it #1181
  • [Changed] Information about permissions added to the extension description #1223
  • [Changed] The settings button has been hidden in the integration mode #1282
  • [Changed] A forwarder is now used for all links #1109
  • [Changed] Context menu #1150
  • [Changed] Intercept abp: subscribe links on all websites #1210
  • [Changed] Localizations have been updated
  • [Changed] Localizations have been updated #1174
  • [Changed] Update translations #1084
  • [Changed] Padding added to dropdown options #1238
  • [Changed] Wording for manual blocking tool options #1169
  • [Fixed] ‘Block WebRTC’ description inconsistency #1274
  • [Fixed] Extension uses the default value for the filters update check interval instead of the user-selected value #1295
  • [Fixed] An empty string is shown when importing a User filter #1296
  • [Fixed] Web reporter misrepresents the enabled/disabled state for filters #1293
  • [Fixed] ’Activate the most appropriate filters automatically‘ option works despite the protection is on pause #1291
  • [Fixed] Stealth Mode works despite the protection is on pause #1290
  • [Fixed] Enabled filters in disabled filter groups receive updates #1270
  • [Fixed] Mobile filter gets enabled on desktop browsers when ’Ad blocking" filter group gets enabled #1226
  • [Fixed] An empty string is created when adding the first rule via Chrome dev tools #1243
  • [Fixed] Closed tabs remain monitored in the Filtering log #1268
  • [Fixed] Self-destructing third-party cookies lead to logout from the Google account #1245
  • [Fixed] Statistics chart only works for the current day #1280
  • [Fixed] In integration mode, if the filtering disabled via assistant, extension can’t detect it #1294
  • [Fixed] ’Filters update interval’ parameter doesn’t save in settings file after exporting #1255
  • [Fixed] ’Filters update interval’ parameter duplicates after importing the settings #1254
  • [Fixed] ‘Third-party’ icon size in Filtering Log #1069
  • [Fixed] ‘Filter‘ column is empty in the Filtering log for cookie-type requests #1219
  • [Fixed] $badfilter modifier is not working with stealth exclusions #1236
  • [Fixed] $extension modifier prevents first-party URL blocking #1122
  • [Fixed] $stealth modifier issues #1225
  • [Fixed] AdGuard doesn’t hide referer properly #1217
  • [Fixed] Assistant advanced settings button doesn’t respond #1091
  • [Fixed] Custom filter is not saved when exporting settings #1224
  • [Fixed] Custom filter subscription popup doesn’t close if you move forward and backward #1206
  • [Fixed] Dropdown menu is empty when there is no statistics yet #1256
  • [Fixed] Enabled filters in disabled filter group are working #1249
  • [Fixed] Fix the issue with empty filters after update to v3.0 #1227
  • [Fixed] Import doesn’t work after deleting custom filters #1233
  • [Fixed] Import settings doesn’t import filter group settings #1232
  • [Fixed] Incorrect file types are accepted when you try to import a User filter #1039
  • [Fixed] Invalid exclusions are created using Filtering Log #1131
  • [Fixed] Self-destructing third-party cookies are not listed in the Filtering log #1262
  • [Fixed] Self-destructing third-party cookies lead to a logout from Google account #1245
  • [Fixed] Some hidden elements are not shown in the Filtering Log #1123
  • [Fixed] Some requests are not visible in the Filtering Log #1138
  • [Fixed] strip_tracking_params is applied to sub-requests #1230
  • [Fixed] The custom filter is always updated #1240
  • [Fixed] While in integration mode, new rules are not imported to the desktop AG User filter #10
  • [Fixed] Hotfix for a nasty bug with custom filters in the previous beta version: #1272
  • [Fixed] Applied element hiding rules are not visible in filtering log in some cases #1200
  • [Improvement] Users can now specify titles for their custom filters #1209
  • [Improved] ’abp: subscribe’ links are now intercepted properly #1149
  • [Improved] $csp rules are now disabled if there’s a document-level exception applied to the website #1093
  • [Improved] A validity check has been added for rules with a domain modifier #1242
  • [Improved] Extension is now more friendly towards visually impaired users #953
  • [Improved] Network requests excluded by a rule in a custom filter can now be blocked #1044
  • [Improved] Notifications for version 3.0 #1167
  • [Improved] New permissions are made optional #1220
  • [Fixed] Get rid of Safari and Firefox Legacy builds #1035
  • [Changed] Third-party libraries sources have been updated #1253
  • [Fixed] AdGuard extension doesn’t open the settings correctly in Firefox for Android #1264
  • [Fixed] AdGuard settings are not fully visible when accessing them from the overflow menu #970
  • [Improved] Multiple $replace rules can be applied to a single web request now #1092
  • [Changed] The default footer for MS Edge extension #1239
  • [Changed] AdGuard 2.10.8 extension for Edge blocks Spotify web player song play #1090