AdGuard browser isn't blocking Google annoyances on Firefox

I've been doing some testing today and the conclusion I've come to is AdGuard browser isn't blocking correctly on Firefox. Using the exact same base and annoyance filters by AdGuard I visited YouTube on Firefox Windows and Firefox Android twice respectively, once using AdGuard browser and once using AdGuard native, what I found is that AdGuard browser doesn't block YouTube annoyances while AdGuard native does. After doing some more tests I found AdGuard browser works correctly on Chrome Windows and does indeed block YouTube annoyances.

Does anyone know the cause of this issue?

AdGuard browser
AdGuard extension Firefox.png AdGuard extension Firefox.jpg

AdGuard native
AdGuard native Firefox.png AdGuard native Firefox.jpg
An update for anyone interested
It seems has a policy for extensions, it is to not allow extensions from being able to inject JavaScript that was obtained via an update into sites. You can bypass this limitation by installing the beta version of AdGuard browser for Firefox provided directly from AdGuard. This leaves me with two more questions, does the extension provided directly from AdGuard auto update and does AdGuard offer a stable version that I can also download directly from them bypassing any limitations?