adguard can't save the extended configuration of js


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I found a similar problem on github:https : //
This is the js script that I cannot modify:
When I click Settings to add a certain website and save it, it is not actually saved, which means that adguard cannot save the extension configuration of js.

Steps to reproduce

1. Install this js script

2. Visit Google Page, search to display the search results screen

3. Click the settings button on the right, and then add websites at will

4. Modify the configuration and save
Expected behavior

The page will refresh automatically and the last changes will be retained.

Actual behavior

The settings will not be retained.

Customer ID

Your environment

Environment name and version:
Google Chrome version 87.0.4280.141 (official version) (64-bit), adguard 7.5.3

Operating system and version: Windows 10 professional edition 1903
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