Adguard causing phone reboot on Android 10


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After I installed March updates and close the "pref.vpn.android10.mitigate" I never happened software reboot.
So I think the bug had been fixed.

Watch my Pixel 4 screen shot.
photo_2020-04-06 17.07.41.jpeg
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hi, i just want to say. please consider other phone that have android 10 but the updates are slow or non existent.

i use realme 3 pro, android 10 with adguard pro, because of this bug my device rebooted once a day. the preference mentioned before only prolonged reboot into once per 2 day.



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Hello there!

Are you sure the cause of the reboots is AdGuard?
How long has the issue been reproduced?


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Hi @Chinaski , yes. The reboot is gone when i disabled adguard. So now i'm not using the app, temporarily using adguard dns.

Since realme 3 pro made android 10 available. Around January 2020, and then i followed this thread and github. there are 2 updates after this, but they're for security not the android itself. So what have been discussed here is not applicable. that's why i made post here.