Adguard causing windows 7 to hang on shutdown


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I love your mobile product, but am having some trouble with the desktop version. I have the app installed in a current chrome browser, and it works great, but when I close out everything and shut down windows, it never shuts down. I've isolated it to the Adguard product, because it never did this until I installed Adguard. If I manually kill the process in task manager prior to shutdown, it shuts down normally. If I leave it running it hangs on the shutdown. Why does it need to run the entire time windows is running? Why not just when the browser is being used, like other addons? I also tried removing it from the startup items with msconfig. Thanks.


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Hello there!
If you mean AdGuard desktop application you can remove the application from the startup in General Settings.
But I don't quite understand your problem. Can't you disable AdGuard? Only with the help of Task Manager can you do this?