Adguard Certificate in Firefox


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Hello dear Adguard Team,

With the recent versions of Adguard for Windows, I don't see the Adguard Certificate no more when you go to Firefox > Options > Pricacy & Security > Certificates : you don't see Adguard in the list !
Strange thing is that it filters Firefox perfectly, so no problem regarding filtering.
Can anyone explain what is the reason for this ?

PS. Compare to Internet 11 settings/options > Content > Certificates : Adguard certificate is in the list of Trusted Certificates.

Thanks for reaction. Rik (Belgium)


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Did you try to reinstall Certificate via AdGuard menu?


Beta Tester
Yes, I did it already, and just repeated the reinstall of the cerificate a minute ago, as I said in my post : the filtering works alright , bur there is no sign of the Adguard Certificate in the list of certificates under Firefox > Options > Pricacy & Security > Certificates
Very strange indeed :(o_O


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Hello again, some additional info : you can manually import the Adguard Certificate in Firefox and after restarting it appears in "You certificates" not under "Organisations" where normally all trusted certificates appear.