AdGuard Certificate out of date - Kaspersky/Chrome error?


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I have just built myself a brand new PC. And installed Windows 10 creators update from sratch and Kaspersky IS 2017 and Adguard too (I am currently using the latest beta from the update, but this error did it on both the latest normal version and latest beta of Adguard).

What happens is. When I turn on the PC and fire up Chrome (x64 v59) an error message pops up from Kaspersky Internet Security 2017 saying the adguard certificate or certificate chain is out of date. And it asks me to tick to ignore this error for 30mins.

I am having constant internet drop outs too saying "connection reset" as the chrome error message but I am not sure if this is a related issue or not.

Any ideas for a fix please?


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Sorry for the late reply!

Does it help to reinstall AG certificate (settings -> general -> reinstall ag certificate)?


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AFAIK, SPDY has been depreciated in favor of HTTP/2, which as far as I know isn't supported with Adguard yet (at least until CoreLibs lands).

Also SPDY has been removed since Chrome 51 and Firefox 50 so I'm not sure why you're seeing this issue if you're using either one (and using a recent version).


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I also have this error again with new beta version on Firefox.I don't know why AdGuard and Kaspersky always fight each other.:D