AdGuard Closes Due To Error


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Unfortunately for me, the reason I notice it is because suddenly I will start seeing ads again in my browser. I check the tray icon and it is gone. Haven't checked to see if it is still running in Task Manager, but if it isn't blocking ads then it is useless.
Interesting. I don't use Adguard to block ads on Windows 10 except with Windows Apps. However, I don't use a Windows Store apps that are website apps. I prefer the browser

I use Adguard on Windows to help block possible malicious websites. Like Malwarebytes, Adguard uses a different methodology than Bitdefender for blocking potentially malicious websites. My understanding is that Malwarebytes and Adgurd use malicious website lists to block potentially malicious websites. Bitdefender uses a different method. Since along email spam malicious websites are the main sources of malware I like to have a second opinion to help block potential malicious websites.

Since I use Firefox as my browser on W10 and I can use the Firefox add-on, Bluhell Firewall to block ads. It works great. It also blocks some malicious websites.

I don't think there is a conflict between Adguard and Bluhell Firewall because the majority of Adguard crashes by far have been when I was not using W10 and Firefox was closed.

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Not yet, the build I posted is a pre-beta test build with bug fixes (and a couple new features). But it fixes a serious issue that users was encountering, so that's why I posted it and asked everyone to try it, to see if the issue might already be fixed in that build.

If it's not fixed with that test build, then one of the staff/dev team members will need to be summoned to this thread.


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It's very likely not the AdGuard's issue. According to your reports, there are some BitDefender's libraries loaded into AdGuard's UI:
LoadedModule[0]=C:\Program Files (x86)\Adguard\Adguard.exe
LoadedModule[5]=C:\Program Files\Bitdefender\Bitdefender Security\atcuf\262825035760000000\atcuf32.dll
BitDefender wants something from AdGuard app, and such activity crashes an app.

`Adguard.exe` is just UI. It only shows settings, push-notifications, etc. It has no relation to the network and drivers in particular.

Could you please completely disable BitDefender and reproduce an issue?