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    May 30, 2012
    Some time ago I suggested a cloud-type of feature connected to our user accounts that'd allow syncing of user filters to any PC with Adguard for Windows (in the future Mac, Android, iOS, etc.) and/or the browsers extensions. After thinking about it, I've tried to refine the idea even further.

    Thus, I propose the Adguard Cloud concept. Any such feature should perhaps have the following features;

    - It would be linked with the existing Adguard accounts used to store licenses. User filters would be saved in plain texted, unless otherwise specified (e.g. the encryption idea that's next).
    - Ability to encrypt the user filters server-side with a passphrase (like Chrome's sync feature has available). Of course, this would be optional and for those users who want the best security available with their data.
    - Ability to share user filters with anyone using a special link. Of course when encryption is enabled, this feature would not work. This would be VERY beneficial with troubleshooting issues users may be having with their filter rules.
    - Have a interface on the main site to view where the user filters are being synced to (e.g. Adguard for Windows, Adguard for Mac, Adguard for Chrome, Adguard for Firefox, etc.) with the ability to remove sync locations.

    In the future this could allow users to also save their settings (either for the programs or extensions) and allow syncing of settings. Of course, the program's settings couldn't be imported to the extensions or vice versa so the system would have to be smart and count both as different entities.

    Finally, I'm thinking this would be INCREDIBLY handy, especially for the Android/iOS versions.

    Thoughts? Suggestions? Feedback? Thanks for reading!
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    Oct 26, 2010
    This is what I am dreaming about:)

    This cloud features is what we should do in the future.
    I think that first we should develop Adguard for each platform we want.
    Then we'll start implementing Cloud linking Adguards on each device.
  3. Nameless

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    Mar 19, 2014
    The ability to save filters online would be nice, i lost a few filters when my pc went down.
  4. Dolfi

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    Nov 21, 2014
    the ability to export/import (and, if necessary bc different platforms need it, convert) filters was a good 1st step.
    You'll need that step anyway for cloud sync, all additional/'lost' effort was the UI design/integration (which usually is the least effort on any new feature/function)
  5. mysteriously

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    May 4, 2014
    yep I know original post may be a little but outdated.
    I can't speak for systems I don't have. For Windows we already have
    Open, copy, paste on pastebin takes few seconds. Also don't we have enough multiplatform sync applications? Just save your user filter to the one of folders you have synced and there you go, you'll have it always up-to date.
    Helping people with resolving user filters issues and sharing info how to create user filters for specific sites and content: YES. If user added filters which breaks some sites, it's user problem. If he has no idea what he is doing he should not do it in the first place. In cases like user has added some ridiculous filters or just waaaay to much of them then really, it's not our fault. Of course we should advise him what to do best, it is always welcome. :)

    I don't like to store everything in once place. If there is any error or server goes down you're loosing access to all things stored there. [OFFTOP]Did you keep some files on megaupload? ;)[/OFFTOP]
    Implementing this would take a while. I would prefer to see Adguard 6.x faster rather than those additional functionalities.
    Those functionalities are not server resources free.

    The only one thing of those I think is missing (and I hope will be implemented in Adguard 6.x) is the ability to export settings via button with 3 tickboxes. Choose what do you want to save:
    [ ] settings
    [ ] user filter
    [ ] license info

    Almost forgot: Please make Adguard cloud optional so we can uncheck it during installation (and save info if box was ticked or unticked last time we upgraded Adguard so this function won't install accidentically if we didn't want it last time).

    That was just my opinion ;)
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