AdGuard conflicts with Opera VPN



I have installed Adguard for Windows 10. I use Opera browser in private mode. When I'm trying to use Opera's built-in VPN service in Opera's private mode together with Adguard for Windows, then Opera's VPN service stays connecting and doesn't connect.
After disabling Adguard service via Service manager in Windows 10, then enabling Opera's VPN and after that, enabling Adguard service - I can use Opera's VPN without problems.
So, why I can't use Opera's VPN service together with Adguard for Windows, if Adguard service is enabled before enabling Opera's VPN?


Larry Laffer

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How can I find out where Opera VPN connects (name/IP)?
right click the tray icon and choose "Tools", then "Open filtering log"
right click the tray icon once more and choose "Advanced", then "Logging level", then "Debug" (press [OK] in the nagging "warning" popup)
In log window click the checkbox for "Blocked" (top right of window), now try to connect your VPN.

Don't forget to reset logging to default (right click the tray icon once more and choose "Advanced", then "Logging level", then "Default") once you're finished.

Thinking this over it will be pointless, except you're very lucky and OperaVPN is plain SSL:
As the OperaVPN (to deserve it's name) at least scrambles your traffic AdGuard will be unable to read it and block anything. So to be able to use OperaVPN with AdGuard you needed an Opera-plugin of AdGuard.
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After installing Opera-plugin of AdGuard, Opera VPN works as expected. Larry Laffer, thank you very much!:)
Do you happen to know if in future releases, it is possible to use OperaVPN & Adguard for Windows without enabling Opera-plugin of plugins tend to take up resources and slow down browsing?

This message comes up in Opera-plugin of Adguard after installing it:

Does it indicate that changes are taking effect only, when I change settings in AdGuard for Windows, not in Opera-plugin of AdGuard?
One explenation is here:
— Extension settings are ignored; instead, desktop program’s settings are used.
. So, if ignored, then changes in extension does not transfer to desktop program?

Another circumstance: I tried to upload above picture throught Adguard's forum interface but nothing happened after clicking upload. During this attempt, Opera private mode, Opera VPN, Adguard for windows and Opera-plugin of AdGuard were enabled. <- Sorry, after clicking ,,Save changes" in the forum, I saw that this picture was actually uploaded twice because I thought that I had made a mistake in first attempt. But during editing of post, no message appeared that upload was succesful.


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this isssue still persists...and is quite annoying!.. i suspected my firewall only to later find out that it is some compatibility with Adguard..please resolve this at the earliest.


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If you're on stable, add these two domains to the HTTPS exclusions list: